About The Teacher

IMG_3368I  started the path of martial arts over twenty-five years ago when I was a child.  I began by learning a martial arts form called Wu Ying Tao.  I studied that style for a few years until the studio, unfortunately, closed down.  Luckily, the seed of martial arts had already begun to sprout in my young mind.  It gave me confidence and courage to overcome the challenges that life threw at me. Over the years, I kept up my studies as best as I could but needed something more.  So, when I became old enough to afford my own lessons I sought out a new style and a new teacher.  In 1999, I met my mentor and father figure, Sifu Randy Lewis.  Within two years I was paying for my education in Wing Chun Kung Fu by being Sifu’s personal assistant and teaching the foundations of Wing Chun to all new students.  Within five years I started taking my own students outside of my Sifu’s class whilst under his guidance.  I have sparred with many practitioners from many different styles in the quest to learn more about how all martial arts work and how I can employ Wing Chun to work for myself.  Within ten years of training, the touch of Lightning Hand Academy was handed down to me to continue the work he had created since 1990.

It is my vision that Lightning Hand Academy will continue to provide a safe learning environment for any and all students under its teachings.  As a Sifu, it is my responsibility to equip the students of Lightning Hand Academy with the skills and lessons of Wing Chun so that they may protect themselves and those around them.  My Goal is that this would not only be with the physical aspects of Wing Chun but also the mental strength it encompasses.