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Wing Chun is a well-rounded form of Kung fu, a martial art that serves couch-potatoes and triathlon champions alike.  Instead of flashy moves made for competitive sporting events, this is a serious street-fighting martial art that develops your whole being and prepares you for practical self-defense situations and yet is possible for anyone to learn in a safe manner.

As a student of Wing Chun, you will learn how to manage incoming force and direct it elsewhere.  As a focused and effective close-combat martial art, Wing Chun emphasizes economy of motion and touch instead of sight. Wing Chun’s design adapts to your body type enabling you to best protect yourself!  You will also learn both internal and external concepts of this beautiful, yet effective style.

Our class is quite different from any other class out there with our familial and community orientated environment.  We strive to be an ego-free, inclusive, and safe place for all walks of life.

As a technical system, Wing Chun has six forms. Three empty-hand forms, two weapons forms, and one form performed on the Mook Jong (the wooden dummy). The three empty hand forms are Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Jee. The two weapon forms are the Baat Jaam Do form (the butterfly swords) and the Luhk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 point dragon pole form).  However, in our class, we focus mainly on the empty-hand forms and how to apply them to a real situation.

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